Spring 2011 - Montgomery School released 233 Brook Trout fingerlings into the Pickering Creek!We are looking forward to next year!

The Brook Trout fingerlings were released into the Pickering Creek on Friday April 16th, 2010.The final count was... 207!

The 6th Grade students at Montgomery School are continuing their studies of how human activities affect our watersheds this year. Our goal is to learn how to be better stewards of the watersheds on our planet, and create solutions and habits that we can all do to help preserve and improve the quality of our freshwater streams and rivers.

As part of our program this year we have partnered with a local freshwater conservation group; the Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited. A component of this partnership is to create a learning experience that will educate and motivate our students to care for our local waters and the organisms that live in them. We are achieving this goal by raising our state fish, the Brook Trout, in our classroom. The students take care of the trout by regularly testing the water and changing out water when needed, feeding the trout, observing, recording, and monitoring the trout, and writing and reporting about the experiences here on their Wiki page.

Last year we released the trout with our kindergarten buddies into Pickering Creek.We got to hold the trout in a cup and decide where we thought the trout would thrive. We had a lot of fun raising the trout from eggs. Over the course of a year we learned about water ecosystems and generally what thrives in a creek in our backyard. We also learned about types of pollution and how we can keep the creatures in our State waters safe. We hope that you can experience the fun of raising trout from eggs and learn as much as we did last year.