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Welcome to the 2011 - 2012
6th Grade Montgomery School
Trout in the Classroom Wiki!

Montgomery School's participation in the Trout In the Classroom program was made possible through a unique partnership between PA Fish and Boat Commission and PA Council of Trout Unlimited. This partnership, coupled with assistance from local conservation organizations, was created to introduce Pennsylvania students to coldwater resources and their importance to all communities. The partnership also provides brook trout eggs, trout food, technical assistance, curriculum conections and teacher workshops each year.

Montgomery School is grateful to the Valley Forge Chapter of Trout Unlimited, the PA Council of Trout Unlimited, and the PA Fish and Boat Commission for their assistance and support with the Trout in the Classroom program.

We will continue with our embedded "live Water Chemistry data form" that we initiate in 2010. This is where students will be posting the results of our water quality tests and it will update automatically to this website. To see our Water Chemistry results, please click on the navigation link, "Trout Tank Water Testing Results" on the left side near the top of this page.

We will also be continuing our use of the "Current Egg~Trout Population Status" page to provide a real-time count of our Brook Trout population.

This Wiki is a work in progress, so please pardon the dust from our construction efforts. Check back often to see the changes.

Montgomery School has adopted the Pickering Creek that runs through our property. As stewards of the creek we participate in the monitoring of the creek annually. Our data can be viewed at the World Water Monitoring Day Website (WWMD LINK). You can see great data records on the WWMD Data Map.

The Trout cam is OFF!Last year (2011-12) we received 450 eggs,of which 334 were viable and two were hatched (one alive and one was questionable).In the Spring we released a total of 237 fingerling Trout!



The 6th Grade students at Montgomery School are continuing their studies of how human activities affect our watersheds this year. Our goal is to learn how to be better stewards of the watersheds on our planet, and create solutions and habits that we can all do to help preserve and improve the quality of our freshwater streams and rivers. This is our Journal:

October 27, 2011 - Montgomery School 6th graders go to Stroud Water Research Cetner and Dansko.

November 3rd
The trout eggs have arrived!
On November 3rd 2011, 450 trout eggs arrived at Montgomery school. 334 eggs were alive while
113 eggs were dead on arrival. 1 egg was hatched and dead, 1 egg was hatched and we couldn't determine
whether it was alive or not. And 1 egg was hatched and alive. It was a fun experience to count the eggs. We moved the eggs from container to container to sort the eggs and count how many were alive versus dead.

Sorting & Counting Eggs

Their New Home!